Thursday, November 18, 2010

Overdue haircut pics

So these are the pics taken after my very first post-chemo haircut. My hair is longer now, and I have since had another haircut, plus I dyed my hair red but it's hard to notice.
I'm having another haircut on Friday so maybe I'll post more pics after that one.
I'm also trying to work on getting rod of that double chin - it's been a life-long project for me... ha ha.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No uterine cancer for me!

So I met with the doc yesterday who did confirm that my biopsy results were negative and so no cancer worries there. I did challenge him to ask why he recommended the Mirena IUD since the packaging says not for breast cancer patients. He said they were WRONG.... HMMMMM

Anyway, he was going on a spiel about the way the hormone works etc. and talking about progesterone vs estrogen and then I interrupted him and explained that my cancer was estrogen AND progesterone positive... which stopped him in his tracks.

So I explained that, plus the fact that my GP and Oncologist both nixed hormone options for me - and so he moved onto offering me the ablation - which is what I've been expecting all along.

They put a balloon into the uterus and fill it with hot water to scald the lining so that it doesn't build up so much. It's day surgery - but they do have to put me under again.

I'm starting to wonder if being put under general anaesthesia so frequently can be dangerous for me.... I put it in the inquiry of the surgery papers so I guess we'll find out!

Also, today I met with my plastic surgeon who yet AGAIN thanked me for 'pushing' him into the other surgery because it looks so good. He gave me the option today of a gel-like implant or a liquid-type implant. I chose gel. One looks better and one feels better. I went for looks. Plus the gel-type doesn't have any leaking danger.

So that's it for now!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Vertigo...or, as Cam says, Verti-stop

So, this past weekend I have developed a mild case of vertigo. It is a little better today than it was yesterday morning - but still there.

Bouts of dizziness - but no nausea, thank goodness. It is irritating because I don't feel confident to drive since I generally am not walking in a straight line...

If it persists, I will visit the doc to have him check my ears for infection.

We also had our flyball tournament which was a great success. Thanks to those who provided items for our raffle table!

Our website is now easier b/c we bought a domain name:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bored in the night....

Was at a party last night - up late - but NOT hungover! But just tired enough that I fell asleep earlier this evening for a nap JUST long enough to cause me to be awake now.

Actually, I did try sleeping already and then I was hearing weird noises that made me think someone was walking around on my back deck. Finally, I cautiously peeked out the blinds in my spare room but - alas - nothing.... but of course, no sleep in the near future now!

So, I can now finally report back that my thyroid medication did not do much to help with my menorraghia. I suspect the level of medication will increase once my results are analyzed by the doc - and perhaps a higher dose will make some kind of impact - but, I honestly am not really expecting it to. Will see the 'lady doc' next week to report this to him.

I was supposed to see my plastic surgeon this morning but they've cancelled all the appointments b/c he got really sick and had emergency surgery. Didn't ask what with and they didn't volunteer. He was supposed to go to Guatamala for 3 weeks and that got cancelled. Must be pretty serious!

Oh good - I'm yawning..... maybe I'll try this sleeping business again!