Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Officially full time back to work.

As of Monday July 4. 7-hour days (yup - government) and now I can accrue vacation..... once I got over the shock of the inevitable I just wanted to get back to the grind so I can save up my vacation days and head to Desert Hot Springs! Right now I'm doing basic 7-hour days but on July 18, I'll work a longer day so I can take my flextime. My first flex day will be Tuesday August 2 (tagged onto the long weekend - woo hoo!)

Also, I learned that even though I've been away, my vacation bank still grows because they base your allotment on years of service. So I earned 2 more days while I was away! Of course, I will only get to take one of them since I have to be working to earn vacation and this year I will only be working half..... but 84 hours is better than nothing!

Returning to work has been harder than I thought it would be. At least I think it has..... I'm not really sure how hard I thought it would be but I certainly was NOT looking forward to it. I'm finding it harder to manage the stress of it than I thought. And I also found that I took on some projects during my leave because I had time - but now I don't have that time and so the projects will have to be pared back....

It's a lot harder to fit all the napping in when 7 hours of the day is filled with working. It's rather inconvenient.

Anyway, I'm happy to see the good weather arrive - reminds me of California - and today I got to ride in a 2-seater convertible Audi and it was SWEET! Gotta love a convertible on a beautiful summer's evening.

I've had a couple (few?) meltdowns the last couple of weeks. I'm hoping I can find my centered and happy place and not forget what is important. I guess I didn't learn as much as I had hoped to - but at least I've learned that! (meaning I recognize this and will attempt to improve)

I better sign off before I confuse the hell out of everyone. I'm already there.....