Monday, January 16, 2012

Gain a New Lease on Life with Exercise

The following is an interesting article by David Haas:

"Cancer impacts a patient physically and emotionally and that emotional distress can take a toll on them. This debilitating disease eats away at a person's spirit and it can be hard to handle. However, there is a way to lift your spirits, as you are going through this difficult time. Being a cancer survivor is a major accomplishment and getting through the cancer treatments is a feat in of itself. When cancer survivors get through these hurdles, there is another aspect of life to accomplish: making sure that cancer does not return. One of the ways to stay healthy and hopefully keep cancer away is through exercise.

The Physical Benefits of Fitness:

Exercising and staying fit can improve the overall quality of life of a cancer survivor or an individual who is undergoing cancer treatments. It is said that high levels of physical activity has the potential to reduce the risk of cancer from returning. Movement can increase the energy levels in an individual and has the ability to release tension in the body. Exercise will also help individuals build muscle mass, stamina, flexibility and endurance. Cancer survivors and those undergoing treatment can exercise based on their comfort level. For example, people can start with a basic exercise regimen of weight training and cardio. It may be best for individuals to start slowly and build up to a more rigorous exercise plan as they increase their strength. It is believed that people who exercise after undergoing and completing treatment live longer. Whether an individual is suffering from breast cancer or undergoing mesothelioma treatment, there is a high possibility that exercise can prevent recurrence.

The Mental Benefits of Fitness:

Exercise has the potential to boost the mood of an individual and increase self-confidence. These factors are extremely beneficial for people undergoing cancer treatments. A regular exercise routine can help promote a healthy mind. As cancer patients are going through this extremely difficult time, exercise can make them happy and make them think about positive things in their lives.

Positivity can be fostered through movement. Individuals who have survived cancer or going through cancer treatments need positivity to go through their daily lives. It is amazing to know that a simple practice of exercising the body can change and rejuvenate a person and give them a new lease on life."