Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tick Tick Ticking Along

So I've been gradually returning to work - adding a bit more time week to week to get myself back up to full speed.

I'm not sure what happened yesterday - maybe a little brain overload - but I was SO tired I couldn't stay awake at work so I left early & came home to sleep. I probably hit the pillow at 12:30 and didn't wake up until 4:45! Just in time for the game - not that it was much to stay awake for....

Wasn't able to sleep until midnight but still got a solid 7 hours of overnight sleep even still. So I guess my body just needed the extra and thankfully it is no issue for me to do so at this time.

Otherwise, work is improving as I am remembering more of my job & getting more and more comfortable.

I've been trying to get more fit but seem to be at a plateau weight-wise. I guess I have to change something up to get that last 10 pounds off.

Don't really have much more to report.