Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blogging for Boredom

So, it's been awhile since I posted anything meaningful. HMMMM - have I ever posted anything meaningful?? I guess that's subjective.

As an update, I am doing great physically, mentally and emotionally - most days.... PMS still takes its toll, but that area has improved greatly after my surgery last year so things are going well.

I recently had bloodwork done so I could get a 'baseline' for myself - I wanted to check my cholesterol etc. Everything seemed to be within normal range - although some things on the high side of the normal and some things on the low side. Generally pretty good though. My iron is still only 28 - but that's a marked improvement from the number of 4 that I initially had when I figured out I was iron-deficient.

I am currently taking steps to improve the iron even more (actually, I am meaning to do this but haven't yet) - ie, iron supplements.... I have them, I just have to start taking them. I am happy to report that I am now taking my multi-vitamin daily instead of bi-monthly. So hopefully I'll get there with the iron too.

Once I learned from the doc that it's ok to take the vitamin with my nightly Tamoxifen, I never forget it. But I wouldn't be able to take the iron then -I have to squeeze that in during the day sometime.

Of late, I have made a concentrated effort to get back in shape as far as fitness goes and have been diligently using my treadmill. Pretty much daily for the last two weeks. Am hoping the results will start to show on the scale soon - it's slow progress these last 10 pounds. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I've gone thru all the 'usual' since I go to TOPS and hear the logical things - but now I need something unique or radical or world-shaking so I'll actually notice it and do it. No Pressure, everyone... HA

I am counting the sleeps until my next trip to Caliente (9 as of today). Cam stays home so any creeps reading this blog & thinking they can ransack my house will be sadly disappointed. Just a week, but it is well needed as I am getting somewhat restless.

I have been curling weekly with a ladies team. We do not have a great success record but we still mostly have a good time.

I've been seeing the chiropractor and massage therapist a LOT in last 1.5 months as I finally decided it was time to solve an issue in my right thigh - being a numb tingly feeling that the docs have been telling me is 'meralgia parasthetica'. So they are trying to free the nerve from being pinched causing the loss of sensation. I am also getting an MRI for this on February 10. (sorry mom, 8pm - right in the middle of any potential birthday dinner plans!!). I really hope the MRI can identify the specific problem area so my therapists can target it instead of 'hunting & pecking'. Which gets a little dicey when you're talking about your upper thigh.... who am I kidding - anyone who has had this kind of treatment knows it's basically torture regardless of where they are digging.....

I got to meet up with some old high school chums a few weeks ago and it was great to see them again and get reacquainted. The circumstances could have been a little better - it was a funeral - but I think out of a sad situation came some laughter and good times.

Well, it's sad but I don't really have that much to say these days - except to report that I'm feeling good and enjoying life!