Saturday, December 17, 2011

Flyball Video

Our team has produced a video to explain flyball....

If you have 10 minutes to burn, please check it out!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I don't have cancer!

So, it's mostly official that I don't have breast cancer.

Thankfully, no one really noticed the time lag between my 'special date' for my Nov 1 mammogram and the lack of posting.....

I had the mammo on Nov 1, but then went to California for two weeks and on my first day back my doc called me in to review the report. HMMMMM, I thought - that's never a good sign when the doctor calls you in to discuss results.

So I had a mini-meltdown, called Cam at work who reassured me that they would take more pictures and confirm nothing was wrong.

So we met with the doc that afternoon who did indeed report that the mammo had showed a 'shadow' on my right breast (the real remaining one) and the mammo people want me back for a close-up just to be sure. So of course he was telling me not to worry - they were just being extra cautious due to my history.

HOWEVER, as much as someone tells you not to worry, it is still at the back of your mind - particularly because the stats all say that 80% or more of breast lumps aren't cancer too and I already lost with those odds.....

Anyway, I think I did pretty damned good at NOT worrying, and then waited a couple of weeks for my 're-take' appnt to be booked but when they still hadn't called, I got on the horn to the clinic and basically demanded an appointment - which they obliged me within 3 days. (LADIES- IT PAYS TO BE PUSHY WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HEALTH). Well, for that matter, I'm sure it does for men too.....

So today was the day, and when I explained to the tech that I already had breast cancer, she made a point to track down a doctor so he could review the film immediately. And he did, and gave me the all-clear.

So that put me in a FINE FINE mood today!

And of course I did not post anything so as not to worry the world, and mom didn't find out until today once I got the all-clear because I really didn't want my family freaking out for nothing. (very glad I did it).

So now you can all know the story after the fact..... with a happy ending.

And I think I got the opportunity to help someone today with some reassurance at the centre who is just starting her process - a pre-op meeting before her mastectomy..... so it seemed like I was the right person in the right place at the right time. At least I hope so anyway.......

So yay me - my first official 'no breast cancer' result post-treatment. Merry Christmas!