Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I look normal!

So the last couple of weeks I've been wondering how this diagnostic mammogram thing works so I finally remembered to call my doc's office & found out that I have to go in to arrange that. So I went in today (I mean, WHY? - I need a mammogram - phone me.....). Anyway, I guess he has to put his kids through college....

So I went and he put in the order - hopefully it's sooner than 3 months since I'm due for my annual on Sep 8. And so I confirmed with him that it is up to ME to remember - no one will track it in a system & make it happen..... UGH.

So he asked me if I was back to work full-time (yes), then he announced "you look normal, how do you feel?", - great to have a professional's opinion - he must be really good.... Then he quizzed me on whether my hair colour was natural or not (it is) - and he expressed surprise that I don't have to dye it.

In fact a lot of people express surprise to know that I don't have much grey hair. Come to think of it, considering who I'm married to, I'm very surprised myself....

I'm looking forward to a flex weekend coming up - I'm going to Tulameen to see Suzy! And even more surprising, Cam is coming too! And then on the long weekend, we're back to Oroville..... we're busy beavers! (anyone want to babysit birds for the weekend?)

It's been a fun summer.... OK - not as fun as last summer since I still wasn't working.... although last summer I was doing and then recovering from radiation treatments.... OK - this one is better.....

So to sum up - I look normal! And more importantly, I FEEL normal! I'm slimming down to where I want to be and I got my vitals done for the BC Generations Project and I'm in pretty good shape - almost....

I'm at 26.5 BMI (should be 25 or under). I'm at 34.8% body fat (should be under 34%).... but my lung function was excellent - no surprise there really..... over 80% is good and mine was at 124%.... and my bone density was in the normal range. Normal is considered minus 1 to 2.5 and mine came out at 0.4. So while it's in the normal range, I still pulled up my brochure on preventing Osteoporosis to refresh myself & get working on strengthening my bones.

Hopefully my mammogram gets booked sooner than later but when I have it, I'll keep you posted...literally!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

BC Generations Project

please check out to learn about a study that is being done to help learn why how and why people develop cancer over time.

They are looking for people 35-69 to participate. They need 40,000 people and they aren't getting as many men as women so it would be great if you could encourage the men in your life to have a look at this important study.

They will be tracking 40,000 over 25 years to see if they can see any patterns or contributing factors for cancer. So they ask your eating habits, environment, physical fitness levels etc. In some cases, they will get blood samples etc.

I feel this is VERY important research that may help generations to come. The information they learn with my help won't be useful for another 20 or so years, but I will be happy to know that I helped them identify some factors down the road for our young people being born today!

I urge you to consider participating if you are between 35-69 & live in BC.

Thank you!