Monday, September 12, 2011

Is Chemo Brain Contagious?

Today was my flex day.... a day off every two weeks - my "Golden Monday". I treasure it! So I started my day today by reading an email from an online promotional sales site that I had placed an order from recently.

I was trying to add one more item to the order and so had sent an email to the art department that I communicated with previously. They replied that they can't help me and I should talk to Customer Service. So I emailed customer service and they emailed back and said they can't help me, I have to phone Sales. So I phoned Sales and they said they can't help me I have to talk to Customer Service. So I explained the sordid circle to them and she put me on hold presumably to look into it. After several minutes, the phone went dead. So I tried to use their online chat help and explained the circle on THAT and the woman told me she can't help me and I need to talk to Sales. So I explained the story AGAIN that all those departments said they aren't the right one so she said 'sorry - why don't you try Customer Service?' - AAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKK OK I realized in a hurry that besides this not being the right person to help me, she REALLY wasn't the right person to help me... clearly not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. So in the end, I tried the Sales number again & went through it all with another person, who promptly helped me and resolved the issue within a few scant minutes. So I ended up with some competency in the end, however, it was looking a little dicey there.....

So my next chore was to book a rental car with Airmiles. In speaking with my rep, she asked me if I had coverage for insurance or will I need to buy it. I said I was pretty sure I was covered- but she didn't think that was a good enough answer and encouraged me to put her on hold and call my insurance company using my cell phone. This was very gracious as Mondays are the busiest phone days for Airmiles and I already waited a long time on hold to get through. So I DID call my insurance company and was assured that I had coverage for the one car. So as a back-up I asked him about my second car to make sure that if I used that insurance instead, it would still offer the same protection. He then proceeded to inform me that my second car's insurance expired MAY 15!!!!! WTF?!? Ummm It's September 12..... that is FOUR MONTHS of driving without insurance! Yup - that's right - it's not like the car was sitting idle.... we've been using it as our second car - and NEITHER of us had any clue we were driving with expired plates. (hence my Post Title - since Cam didn't notice either).

So after I freaked out upon hearing the news, my insurance guy calmed me down, told me he would renew it online right there & then DELIVER it to me within 10 minutes!!!! Holy Crap - who does that? And remember, my Airmiles lady was still holding for me..... so I went back to her, explained my freakout and thanked her for encouraging me to phone the Insurance company..... Then got my rental car booked, and then had my insurance papers delivered TO MY DOOR minutes later. Wow. PRIME INSURANCE in FLEETWOOD. Go there!

Sometime before all that, I found time to put a first coat of paint on my deck stairs - task that has been overdue for several years now. When we first built the deck, I only ever got one coat on with the intention of adding another when the weather cooperated - but never got around to it. So today was the day. After my Airmiles/Insurance freakout, I had to zip over to New West to get my (newly insured) car sorted out at the mechanic's. When I came home, I put the 2nd coat of paint on and have been feeling pretty damned smug all day about my accomplishments.

I even squeezed some other tasks in like arranging for roof replacement quotes - yup - it's time. Our roof is trashed and all our neighbours have had it done - so I guess it's our turn.

And most people know I'm heavy into flyball these days (sucker....) and got several flyball chores done today as well. There is NEVER nothing to do.... And I keep telling everyone over and over - working REALLY interferes with my personal life.... It's hard to squeeze everything in.

Yesterday we did a Demonstration of Flyball at the SPCA Paws for a Cause fundraiser in Richmond. We couldn't get our whole team out there so we patched something together with a mish-mash of people and dogs. And the results showed..... our flyball demonstration was a bit of a fiasco with dogs running down the wrong lane & dogs refusing to run and dogs missing the jumps... but the crowd was amused at any rate, until we finally got our 'S' together and ran some decent races for the crowd. But they seemed to enjoy it. For those who forgot, check out our website at As a reminder, our team is always collecting items to raffle off at our November tournament. If you have anything you want to donate, please just let me know. New & gently used accepted!

On the long weekend, Cam and I took the dogs to see our good friends in Oroville and had a wonderful weekend relaxing on the mountaintop ranch with a view of the lake. SO serene and beautiful.

The weekend before, we met Suzy at the cabin in Tulameen and enjoyed Otter Lake daily! The weather was so awesome - I'm really enjoying summer - it reminds me of Palm Springs.....

Our next trip is booked - leaving Nov 7 & returning Nov 20. Got the flights booked (and of course, the rental car). Dogs are staying home this time (THANKS MARK & VIKKI!)

Well, I think that's it - I'm pooped. Just got home from flyball practice too..... Yup - flyball BBQ on Friday night, flyball practice Saturday morning, flyball demonstration on Sunday (12 - 5) and then flyball practice Monday night. PHEW. We're glad for a rest until Saturday..... (we practice 2x per week). The dogs love it, but the humans get a little tired of it....especially this human.....

So that's about it.... actually, it's enough - this post is enormous! You're basically caught up now..... Ciao!